Hudon Attorneys is a full-service litigation law firm which deals with a vast range of securities-related and civil, commercial and corporate litigation matters.


Hudon Attorneys represents both individual and institutional clients, and has a proven track record in representing their interests before all levels of court in Quebec, namely the Court of Appeal, Superior Court, Court of Québec as well as specialized administrative tribunals such as the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal.


The Firm’s team of professionals is innovative and has the dedication to provide its clients with concrete solutions suited to every case regardless of its complexity. As such, it brings at every occasion the care required to foresee legal obstacles and exceed its clients’ expectations.




Hudon Attorneys specializes in civil, commercial and corporate litigation as well as securities-related matters.


Every case is unique and requires a thorough analysis.

The Securities Act, the Competition Act and other related regulations

Hudon Attorneys has a proven track record in representing clients in litigious matters involving the Competition Bureau and the Autorité des marches financiers, namely in cases related to the following:

  • Representation of investment advisers and investors before the Financial Markets Administrative Tribunal and the former Bureau de Décision et de Révision;
  • Securities and competition related regulatory offences and orders;
  • Representation of interests during investigations conducted by the Autorité des marches financiers or the Competition Bureau;
  • Searches and freeze orders;
  • Public interest measures and remedial powers; and
  • Legislative and Regulatory framework of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology;

Hudon Attorneys also represents securities brokers in litigious matters involving professional liability issues and deals with cases related to the Act respecting the distribution of financial products and services, the Money-services Business Act and ancillary regulations.

Civil and Commercial Litigation

Hudon Attorneys analyzes your file thoroughly so as to understand the nature of the problem as well as its legal, financial and commercial consequences, the whole in order to implement a strategy optimized to avoid unwarranted litigation, by ensuring that the means are suited to the complexity of the dispute.

In the event of litigation, Hudon Attorneys has the trial experience to defend its clients’ interests and secure a quick and cost-effective resolution and, if necessary, strategize and prepare a tireless and effective position at trial.

Hudon Attorneys provides counsel to a significant number of companies operating in a range of regulated industries in the form of advice regarding compliance regimes.

Whether you are an individual or a business, the Firm offers representation tailored to your needs should any problem arise from the interpretation and execution of any of the following contracts:

  • Loan agreements, with or without a security;
  • Sale agreements;
  • Lease agreements and related contracts;
  • Construction related agreements;
  • Employment contracts;
  • Franchising agreements; and
  • Insurance contracts;

Hudon Attorneys also represents parties in manufacturer’s and product liability cases and has the experience to deal with special proceedings, namely injunctions and seizures, throughout the proceedings.

Shareholder Disputes and Oppression Remedies

Where a shareholder or corporate stakeholder feels that the affairs of a corporation are or have been carried out in a manner that is “oppressive” or “unfairly prejudicial” to or in “unfair disregard” of its interests, these parties can ask for an order to remedy the effects of that conduct.

Hudon Attorneys successfully represents shareholders and corporate stakeholders in these types of recourses and is regularly called upon to provide assistance in interpreting shareholder agreements and to seek a proper remedy when the settling of a shareholder dispute is not possible.

Employment and Labor Law

Hudon Attorneys provides a full range of tailored services to its clients whether in crisis situations or on a daily basis.

More particularly, whether you are an employee or an employer, Hudon attorneys offers the following services:

  • Representing clients in civil lawsuits with respect to employment law related issues, namely in cases involving wrongful dismissals, termination of an employment contract with or without cause, compliance with duties of loyalty and integrity of employees as well as compliance with non-compete and non-solicitation contractual undertakings;
  • Representing clients in proceedings brought by the CNESST or before the Administrative Labour Tribunal;
  • Preparing and enforcing employment contracts;
  • Providing counsel on employment and labour legislation and regulations; and
  • Providing support in grievance arbitration matters;

Hudon Attorneys also represents unionized employees in the assertion and exercise of their rights in cases where a certified association acts in bad faith or in an arbitrary or discriminatory manner, or shows serious negligence in respect of employees comprised in the bargaining unit represented by it.

As such, the Firm provides them with the proper support in the preparation and filing of a complaint with the Administrative Labour Tribunal, and represents them in the event that their claim is referred to arbitration.

Alternate Dispute Resolutions

Hudon Attorneys fosters and favors alternate methods of conflict resolution when it is in its clients’ interest and when required to end an ongoing dispute in an expeditious manner without the emotional aspects and costs related to going to trial.

As such, the Firm is well suited to recommend to its clients the following alternatives to traditional litigation:

  • Negotiations;
  • Mediation;
  • Settlement conferences; and
  • Arbitration.



Me Jean-François Hudon
Mtre. Jean-François Hudon

Mtre. Jean-François Hudon founded Hudon Attorneys in 2016 after evolving during several years within renowned firms such as Davies, Heenan Blaikie and Woods. He practices in the fields of civil and commercial litigation and specializes namely in matters pertaining to securities litigation.


Prior to his career in law, Mtre. Hudon worked in the finance industry as an investment advisor for a securities firm. As such, he acquired a thorough knowledge of the finance sector and the financial markets.


Mtre. Hudon has completed the Canadian Securities Course, the Conduct and Practices Handbook Course, and the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options Licensing Course of the Canadian Securities Institute. He also studied Finance at ESC Bordeaux in France.

Phone : 438.476.1854

Mtre. Joe Abdul-Massih

Phone: 438.476.1853

Joe is a lawyer with a background in technology and health sciences. He joined our team in 2020 after having practiced corporate law, tech law and IP law with a top tier national firm. Joe is a sought-after strategic advisor, particularly because of his hybrid legal practice, his in-depth knowledge of the tech and innovation sectors and his close connections with the start-up ecosystem. Drawing on his training in microbiology and immunology, Joe has acquired an intricate understanding of medical research and clinical trials and a comprehensive knowledge of the health and biotech sectors.

In the course of his legal practice, Joe has been involved in several major business transactions related to IT, IP and and e-commerce matters and has acquired hands-on experience with a wide range of corporate and commercial matters relating to tech businesses.


Corporate and Commercial law: Joe assists his clients by drafting contracts, including shareholder agreements, supply agreements, equipment manufacturing agreements, outsourcing agreements and SaaS agreements, as well as term sheets and letters of intent involving private companies. He also performs due diligence reviews in matters connected to privacy and data protection as well as the acquisition and transfer of IP assets.

Technology and Intellectual Property: Joe advises companies on a wide range of transactions involving IP, including relating to the acquisition, licensing, development and disposition of IP assets. He assists companies in the drafting and negotiating of license agreements, development agreements, implementation agreements and other technology-related agreements. His expertise also covers the filing of trademark applications, trademark oppositions, as well as the coordination of international trademark applications for his clients.

Cybersecurity: Joe acts as “breach counsel” in the event of cybersecurity incidents, such as a privacy breach or ransomware attack. He has often received the first call from clients and has lead incident response efforts on numerous occasions. He has reviewed, prepared and put in place several action plans to respond to cybersecurity breaches and mitigate the risks in relation thereto.

Privacy and Data Protection: He regularly advises clients on compliance issues with all Canadian federal and provincial privacy and data management laws. Joe helps clients operationalize privacy law requirements, including through the development of privacy related policies and procedures, incident response plans, privacy training and tabletop exercises. He is often called upon to advise clients on their digital transformation initiatives, including on issues related to data transfers. He also helps operationalize privacy law requirements through the development of data protection and privacy-related policies and procedures. He can translate the information gathered from data mapping and gap analyses into company-wide procedures to minimize the risk of a data breach and maximize efficiencies in data transfer. He advises clients in connection with investigations undertaken by the Privacy Commissioner (OPC).

Cannabis Regulatory: He has regularly advised applicants, licensed producers and processors, as well as major Canadian banks and financial institutions, on a variety of regulatory and commercial matters under the Cannabis Act (Canada) and the Cannabis Regulation Act (Quebec), including processing, licensing and import/export agreements, supply agreements, marketing, financing and board liability.

Civil and commercial litigation: His legal practice focuses on contractual and shareholders disputes. He has also been involved in many matters related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Joe holds a B.Sc. in Microbiology & Immunology (McGill University, 2013) and a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.) (Université de Montréal, 2016).


Mtre. Sarah Bazinet joined our team in 2018 as a student. She then completed her articling at our firm and is now working as a lawyer. She practices in the fields of civil and commercial litigation. 


During her studies, Ms. Bazinet developed an interest in litigation. She was also very involved in student life, notably as a volunteer for the Bureau d’information juridique de l’Université Laval (BIJ), as a Model United Nations participant, and as a tennis player for the Rouge et Or team.


Mtre Bazinet represents her clients’ interests before the various civil proceedings.

Mtre. Sarah Bazinet

Phone : 438.476.1856


Hudon Attorneys strives to always provide its clients with a clear understanding of all necessary information before deciding to retain its services.


At the very first consultation with a member of our Firm, your file will be evaluated to assess realistic objectives as well as a tailored fee structure.


Depending on the complexity and the circumstances of your file, and in order to facilitate access to the judicial system, our Firm offers its clients the possibility of having a billing structure based on the following options:


  • Hourly fee;

  • Contingency fee; or

  • Hybrid billing: contingency fee with a reduced hourly fee.


In circumstances where it is justified, the Firm can also offer adapted payment terms.




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We invite you to send your curriculum vitae to the following email address :


Your application will be analyzed based on the Firm’s operational needs, your experience, as the case may be, and your academic background.

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